332 – Launching a Successful Kickstarter Campaign: Interview with Patrick Calderon-Dakin


What makes some Kickstarter campaigns go viral, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars while other completely fail?

successful kickstarter strategies

This week Patrick Calderon-Dakin, founder of Crowdco.co joins me to discuss some interesting case studies from Kickstarter campaigns he’s worked on; and some lessons to take away from them if you want to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

successful kickstarter strategiesUnlike our guest last week, Patrick has worked primarily with Kickstarter helping many of his clients reach their funding goals through a combination of online pr, social media and viral marketing.

To date, Patrick and his team have helped to raise over 3.5 million dollars for their clients.

In this interview, Patrick will be sharing some strategies for launching a successful Kickstarter funding campaign.

One of the biggest takeaway lessons you’ll get from this interview is the importance of crafting an effective story for the media outlets you are targeting. A good press release is key, and Patrick will be sharing how to create a press release that gets reporters writing about your product.

Enjoy the interview!