341 – How She Started an Online Training Business that Has Earned Over $263,000 in 5 Months – Interview With Caitlin Pyle

If you have an area of expertise that people pay you money to learn, you have an online training business waiting to be born.

When you teach one-on-one or even to a small group, you may be in business for yourself but you are still “trading your time for dollars”.  When you create a video training course that people can register and attend anytime, anywhere, you are building freedom through passive income.

Caitlin-2-278x300That’s exactly what my guest this week Caitlin Pyle decided to do when she launched ProofreadAnywhere.com back in February of this year.

She joins me on this interview to share her story from a cafe in Ecuador. With the success of her business, she and her husband are starting a 14-month “slow travel” adventure in South America, starting in Ecuador.

Caitlin had been proofreading transcripts for more than five years before she launched her online course.

At one point, she had 30 reporters sending her work each month. She was making a living at it, earning about $4,000 per month. Because she was so efficient at it, she even trained other proofreaders but never really liked that model because it didn’t provide her with the flexible schedule she liked.

Caitlin’s husband encouraged her to build passive income from this expertise. She decided to launch ProofreadAnywhere.com as a blog in November 2014, and sold an ebook on teaching transcript proofreading. She sold some copies, but her main breakthrough came when she developed a more intensive online training course.

Her course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, launched on February 16, 2015 and in the first month, they earned $9,000 in profit from it.

Since then she and her husband have made over $263,000 … in just over 5 months!

In this interview, you’ll hear Caitlin discuss how she’s been able to generate so many sales from her online training in such a short time. One of her marketing strategies is a unique affiliate network-building method she calls “authentic affiliate networking”

Caitlin describes her business model as creating “high value, high quality”, or “HVHQ” products. There’s a lot of “experts” out there keen on telling people how to crank out more products faster and that this is the key to making bank online, but that’s not the model Caitlin subscribes to when dealing with a smaller niche.

To really stand out, she says you can’t just crank out useless or hard-to-use junk. Instead, you’ve got to pour your heart and soul into it, really commit, and know that if you do that, you stand a WAY better chance of really gaining the trust of your audience.

If you follow this model and gain their trust and respect, you can sell anything to them and they will see it as you doing them a favor instead of you selling to them.

Caitlin has also been doing some one-on-one coaching with other folks who have an idea they want to turn into a business. She’s also developing a new online teaching program to share more of her marketing techniques.

You can read more about Caitlin and her husband Ben’s story by visiting theworkanywherelife.com.

Enjoy the interview!