330 – How to Market Your Online or Offline Business with MiniBüks – Interview with David Seid


This week David Seid, cofounder of MiniBük joins me on the show to share a unique way to make your business stand out.


I met David months ago when he and his team helped me publish a minibük for a client. The result was amazing! These books add a ton of value for your audience, many of whom don’t have time to read an entire book.

They’re also are beneficial for marketers who don’t have time to write an entire 100-200 page book.

I had heard about these little 3.5″ X 5″ books from my friend Tim Davis. He had published one in the real estate market, and I loved the concept.

Here’s an example of another great title for a MiniBük. This book was published by a veterinarian and makes a great “edu-marketing” lead magnet for their business.


You can see several more books that the team at MiniBük have put together by going to https://instagram.com/minibuk.

These books are different . A book you can put in your pocket and read in less than an hour is attractive to many people who value their time. In our interview, David calls this “lowering the barrier of entry” for people who are busy and don’t have the time to spend on a standard length book.

Most standard size non-fiction books are never read completely, so with a MiniBük, you know your message is getting read.

What’s even better, is these books are even less to print per copy than CreateSpace books!

DavidandKathySeidOn this episode David and I will be discussing how he and his wife started MiniBük, and how these books are so effective for professionals today who are marketing both online and offline.