340 – How to Use LinkedIn Pulse Platform to Grow Your Business – Interview with Lynda Spiegel Founder of Rising Star Resumes


LyndaSpiegel2This week I welcome Lynda Spiegel, founder of Rising Star Resumes, a career coaching and resume writing business that Lynda started just 11 months ago.

Lynda is a former vice president & director of global human resources who decided to make a career change and launch her own company less than a year ago.

What’s interesting in this interview is the amazing success Lynda has achieved in such a short time, starting with a total investment of only $500. Lynda’s main marketing strategy has been education, writing regular articles and sharing her content on LinkedIn’s Pulse Platform.

The more Lynda wrote, the better she got at figuring out what her audience wanted to read. She began responding to every comment – not just with a “thank you,” but with further commentary that sparked more comments.

This global reach has led to Lynda getting over 850 followers in 3 months; of those followers, 10% have hired her for her services and several have become strategic business partners with whom she now shares leads and content.

One recent article that was shared by a reader led to an invitation to appear on a talk show.

Lynda also posts her own comments to articles about careers or resumes. One comment she sent to a NY Times columnist led to his calling Lynda for a quote for a different article. That mention alone led to several thousand dollars in new business!

Lynda has used personal branding to position herself as the “obvious expert” in the field of career development.

The success she’s achieved in her resume and coaching business have come from intentionally branding herself as the guru based on her content and years in human resources.

Enjoy the interview!