343 – Over $2.7 Million in Their First Year – Interview with Emmanuel Ley of Fashion Stork INC


FashionStork426x640This week I welcome guest Emmanuel Ley to share his online business success story. Online memberships for physical products are becoming popular business models today, when it comes to niche and sometimes hard to find products.

We are seeing it with craft beers, wines, gourmet foods, toys and clothing.

There are a couple of good reasons why consumers like this model. One, it saves them the time and the hassle of having to go out and shop for it somewhere. And second, people love getting something new each month in the mail. It’s that surprise factor, that brings out the kid in all of us.

Emmanuel and his business partner launched Fashion Stork, a men’s clothing subscription back in 2013 and had over $2.7 million in sales in their first year.

Their strategy was to offer odds and end pieces of clothing through a monthly membership program. Most online retailers wouldn’t touch the “odds and ends” clothing pieces because it involved lots of preparation such as pictures, description, and then categorizing these pieces – too much work for selling small quantities of these types of items.

Emmanuel and his partner believed these items had value and realized that if they positioned them for the right type of buyer, they would be interested.

They came up with the idea of asking the men for their sizes and preferences. After this information was gathered, they could then go through their inventory of “odds in ends” to find something that individual might not have picked out, but would wear because it fit and looked great.

So each month, members get a surprise box of different pieces of clothing. They offer three different levels of membership – The Accessory kit, The Essentials Plus, and finally their top tier the Stork Man Original.

As far as marketing goes, Emmanuel says they focus their efforts on social media. They try and go out of their way to engage with their audience. Using incentives, they encourage their members to send referrals.

One of the great causes they support is helping orphans find good homes. So for every box they send out to a member, they donate a dollar that goes to the adoption of the child. This goes towards families who are trying to adopt a child but are financially unable to at this time. To date, they’ve raised and donated $76,923! You can find out more about their cause by visiting https://www.fashionstork.com/#cause.

They’ve used online PR to promote their cause through other media channels as well.

Emmanuel is says one of the biggest factors of success in building a membership based business like this is to start by building your list. He recommends doing that by offering special incentives and promotions early on to build that audience.

To find out more about their business, visit www.FashionStork.com.

Enjoy the interview!