329 – Niche Marketing to Specific Industries – A New Season of “Caffein Chats” with David Dutton


Warmer weather is here again, and that means another season of “caffein chats” with David Dutton. Unfortunately the audio quality on this episode is not the best. I forgot to pack one of my microphone XLR cables; so David and I just recorded this episode directly into the Zoom H4N without the microphones.

niche marketing strategy

On episode 329, we’ll be discussing the advantage of niche marketing to specific industries. I learned the advantage of this years back when I published a marketing book specifically to the veterinarian market.

By tailoring my marketing message to a niche industry, I was able to generate new revenue through book sales, consulting and speaking engagements.

On this episode, David shares a niche market that he’s focusing in on within the mortgage industry – small business owners who are trying to get home loans. David will be discussing why he’s targeting this niche, and his strategy for generating business through his small business newsletter, and his new book How to Buy Your Dream Home if You Are Self Employed. 

We’ll also be discussing more tips for podcasting and video marketing, plus my newest book Launch It!

Enjoy the interview!