This week on episode 281,  Russell and I are taking more subscriber questions. One of the questions we discuss from Seth is “how do I rank for certain keywords related to my podcast topic?”

increase podcast traffic

Ranking your podcast is really no different than ranking a blog. So for anyone new to podcasting, one of the first things you need to do is establish a WordPress platform for publishing your content and feed. Our favorite plugin for optimizing our podcast posts over at BIB Podcast is Yoast.

We’ve talked about Yoast on previous occasions, and it is still our favorite SEO plugin for WordPress. I love this plugin because it’s perfect for anyone new to SEO. For each podcast or blog post, you simply select which keyword you want to rank for and then use that keyword in the SEO title, description and body of content.

The plugin will grade how well each of your posts is optimized based on it’s list of criteria. If your site is properly optimized, it will give you the green light. If your site gets a red yellow or orange light however, you’ve got some work to do and it will explain what needs to be done. It will even alert you when you’ve “over-optimized” your post.

What Video Equipment Do I Need For Creating Educations Videos For My Clients?
Carl sends us a question on what camera equipment we might suggest for creating educational videos. He’s creating videos for his current clients and wants to reach new ones. He wants to move up to a more conventional camcorder after doing much of his recording on an iPhone. He asks what camera or camcorder we might recommend.

Being the owner owner of a Vixia HFS-200, I’m really partial to the Canon camcorder series when it comes to recording longer presentations.

And while most of the time I use a DSLR or my “point and shoot” Sony DSC-RX100 for shorter video presentations (under 5 minute), I still use the Vixia for recording 4-5 one hour presentations every month. This camera is a workhorse!

One of the latest Vixia models is the Canon VIXIA HF R500.You can get it on Amazon for $299. A great deal. I paid $700 for my Vixia 3 years ago. The best part about these camcorders is that they offer an external mic jack for using a wireless lapel mic.

How to Create Your Own Drawings for VideoScribe
Ceilid brings us a question on what drawing program works best for the PC, for creating Scalable Vector Graphic images for Video Scribe:

“You did a great blog on VideoScribe Animation – How to Create Your Own Custom Drawings for Whiteboard Videos. I’m looking for software to create my own drawings for Videoscribe, but I’m using windows not a Mac.”

Ceilid is referring to this VideoScribe tutorial I blogged about some time ago. His problem is that he’s a PC user and can’t use iDraw for creating his own custom drawings for the video animation program – VideoScribe.

For windows users there is a simple solution – Inkscape. It’s an open source program that allows you to create your own scalable vector graphics for VideoScribe.

We’ll be taking all of these questions and much more!



This week, David Dutton and I sit down for a discussion on self publishing, specifically “collaborative publishing” – one of our favorite ways to publish  a book.

collaborative publishing

We’ll be sharing a few some helpful strategies from books we’ve been working on recently. We’ll be talking about the publishing process from start to finish:

  • How to map our your book plan – what is the purpose of your book?
  • How to get experts to contribute to your book  and help promote it
  • How David uses a simple questionnaire form for getting contributors to submit chapters
  • Why we recommend 99Designs for book covers over any other graphic design service
  • How to get your contributors to promote the book to their lists
  • And much more!

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10 Steps to Publishing Your Next Book in 60 Days or Less

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