How to Create Great Looking Whiteboard Videos – Review of VideoScribe

by Jonathan on July 21, 2012

For the longest time, I’ve looked for an easy way to create whiteboard videos like this one.

I’ve always loved watching these videos even if I have no interest in the message. There’s something captivating about watching someone sketch these scenes out.

This week, I finally discovered a program that will allow me to create these types of drawing videos, even if I had no drawing ability (which I do) or technical know-how.

The program is called VideoScribe by Sparkol. You can download a free trial at

You can see just how easy it is to use this software in the video below.

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The first image used is from a video created by the team at for a TEDx conference and was not created with Sparkol's app. There didn't seem to be a credit for using the image. Sparkol's app is great for DIY scribe videos. The end result is an animation rather than an actual hand-drawn video, which I think loses a lot of what makes this type of video interesting and authentic. But it's a he'll of a lot cheaper than having professional creatives design the right images for your message.

bibpodcast moderator

 @EricOakland Eric, you're right. While it may not be live video of a hand drawing like the one done by TrueScribe, you can still make it a little more authentic by creating and uploading your own drawings if you prefer. Definitely the more affordable option.

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