219 – SEO in a Post Panda and Pengin World – Interview with Michael Fleischner


This week’s episode, we welcome Michael Fleischner back on the show. Michael is the author of SEO Made Simple and this week he joins us to talk about the latest edition of his book since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

Michael’s been on our show numerous times. The first time he joined us, I orded a copy of his book and found it to be the most concise reference book on search engine optimization available. For the longest time, that copy was always stationed near my desk to refer to when I had questions about on-page or off-page optimization.

If you’re expecting to find a thick, Dummies style book filled mostly with fluff, you won’t find it with SEO Made Simple. It’s short, but chock-full of strategies from cover to cover.


On this show, Michael will be sharing all of his latest advice on search engine optimization strategies that address the changing landscape with Google’s search results since Panda and Penguin.

We’ll be discussing the growing influence of social media, and a step by step link building process that has already produced top results for many of the most sought-after keywords.

In addition to our interview with Michael, we’ll also be taking a few more questions this week.

One of listeners Lenny, wants to know if he should use his primary hosting account at GoDaddy to create his 2nd website or if he should get a sperate hosting account for it. We’ll be talking about the benefits and the negatives of a shared hosting account, plus our suggestion for initial hosting setup.

We’ll also be answering Lenny’s 2nd question – “What are your thoughts on using syndicated article sites like repost.us to help add content to my site”. We’ll be discussing our thoughts on this as well.

We’ll be discussing all of this and more!

Have a great week everyone.

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  • http://www.dailybreadgivers.net henrystellen

    It is funny to hear how so many people think SEO is that complicating, but it is not. The only hard thing is getting it started and to be consistent in your efforts to make sure you have proper keywords and contant to get your sit ranked quick enough. That is why simple books like the are great for anyone.

  • wesleytanger

    I really do enjoy SEO and I enjoy small educational resources like this that have simple tactics to help me so I do not have to stress about hard tactics to use on seo.

  • http://www.dailybreadgivers.net stacypeterson

    Most people rather focus on their products and customers than SEO. So learning basic principles needed to help your seo businss is great for any small business owner.

  • http://www.fiverrbucks.homestead.com rileyfranks

    I am pretty excited to check out this information, i have been trying to get some simple literature to help me with my SEO, but much of it is too complicating.

  • http://profitablesunrise.homestead.com mikestenson

    Guys you gotta listen to this guy Michael Fleischner. I have been through some of his trainings and he is like the Jedi Master of SEO. Do not over look this webinar.

  • http://www.dailybreadgivers.net marytalbat

    Hey Guys, I have used many of Mike Fleischer’s literature and trainings and it has helped me so much. I am still new at SEO, but he does make you work like a pro.