221 – Lessons From a List Building Maniac – Interview with Travis Petelle


This week we welcome Travis Petelle on the show to talk about list building. Travis has built successful online businesses in a number of niches and he’ll be sharing some strategies on what he considers the most important aspect of online marketing – list building.


As you’ve probably heard a number of times, “The money is in the list!” and there’s no doubt that this is is the case when building income online.

The great thing is, as Travis will be sharing, you don’t necessarily have to have a huge list to make a great income. You can have a small list of raving fans and still knock it out of the park if you’re connecting with them and providing them with great content!

On the flip side, I’ve seen online marketers with huge lists of 20,000 or more subscribers, who are making very little money simply because they don’t build a relationship with their list; nor do they offer any tremendous value. They just burn them out with promotion after promotion.

Travis will offer some of his own insight into building a targeted list straight from what he teaches over at ListBuildingManiacs.com.

We’ll also be taking some questions this week:

DVD Templates for Kunaki
Terry wants to know if we have a favorite DVD disc label program that works well for creating covers for Kunaki. I have one program that I really like for creating box shots for displaying on websites.

It’s Quick 3D covers and it’s really easy to use when it comes to creating ebook, dvd and cd covers. I believe Terry’s question has more to do with creating ready templates to upload on Kunaki. These will be flat images and Kunaki actually gives their specs on what sizes these should be at http://kunaki.com/artwork.htm.

You’ll need a program like Adobe Elements to create these templates, but if you don’t have a lot of experience using a program like that, I’d recommend hiring it out to someone on Fiverr. I’ve recently found a high end graphic designer there who’s delivered some impressive CD cover images to me. And it only cost me $5!

Where to find a great ebook editor and cover designer
We take another question on cover designs. This time for Kindle. Jean wants a recommendation on where she might find a great cover designer for her upcoming Kindle ebook; in addition to that, she’s looking for an qualified editor. As far as editors go, use a site like Elance. Don’t go Fiverr on that one.

It’s way too important to have your Kindle ebook looking good. I’ve found some great writers and editors on Elance in the past. In fact I’ve still got a working relationship with one I found on Elance 2 years ago. I still send her editing projects and she only charges only $3.50 a page.

As far as Kindle covers go, you can try Fiverr again, but recently I came across a site that offers some really nice pre-made covers that are amazing. I wrote about it a few days ago here.

We’ll be taking these questions and more!

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  • mandyallenemail

    I’m always looking for Kindle covers.  I have used fiverr for a couple but I really wasn’t impressed with the results, but what did I expect for a fiver!  Anyway, recommendations are always the best way to go I think.
    Enjoy the journey.