258 – How this Mother of Three Cornered a Niche in The Gift Card Industry with Her Blog – Interview with Shelley Hunter of GiftCardGirlfriend.com


We hear so much about the importance of following our passion when it comes to earning income, but that’s not the whole story. Sometimes passion can come after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable. Take our guest Shelley Hunter for example.

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Shelley is a blogger and founder of GiftCardGirlfriend.com. Shelley decided to launch this blog about four years ago and take a slow and steady approach to growing her niche online. She decided to be the tortoise; not the hare. It paid off.

Shelley is someone who’s always been a giver of gift cards. They are convenient and you don’t have to worry about getting something no one needs or wants. Some people might see them as a little impersonal, but Shelley believes the real problem is the way they are often presented – with very little thoughtfulness or creativity.

That’s what inspired her to launch Gift Card Girlfriend, where she shares creative ideas for giving gift cards.

After three years of blogging regularly about gift card ideas, she was approached by GiftCards.com. They were looking to add a more personal approach to their business and Shelley was just the person they were looking for with her unique content.

They made her a generous offer to acquire the site, and also offered to pay her to remain the blogger and content strategist for it.

Shelley continues to blog about creative gift card giving, has a Pinterest page, and has even started launching videos. The great part about being part of GiftCards.com is that she now has the backing and resources to get even more done.

In this week’s interview, you’ll hear Shelley share her story. It’s a true story of success – preparation meeting opportunity. That’s how it works.

The fantastic thing is that anyone can follow Shelley’s example and use blogging, a video channel, or audio podcasting to build their reputation as the indisputable expert in their given field. As my friend David Dutton says, “people will root for underdogs, but they prefer doing business with experts.”

Actor and comedian Steve Martin once told aspiring entertainers that the key to success was to “be so good they can’t ignore you,”. This is the path Shelley has followed in her niche and it has certainly paid off!

Enjoy the interview and have a great Thanksgiving!

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